Warrington PCI Management

Warrington PCI Management

Property management, leasing, strata management, asset management, acquisition and property development.

Since 1982, PCI Realty Corp. was one of the largest, most diverse property managers in British Columbia with an extensive portfolio of management of residential and commercial properties on behalf of clients. We built our management business on a commitment to excellence, service, and communication, and with comprehensive reporting and personalized rapport with clients.

With our ongoing commitment to improving and expanding our property management portfolio we believed, in changing market circumstances, it was necessary to create a larger company with more presence in the market and internal synergies. Towards this objective, in 2005 we were pleased to complete a merger of PCI Realty Corp. with the Warrington Property Group.

Warrington was established in 1992 and managed a portfolio of retail, office, industrial and residential properties, and leasing mandates. The Warrington team were known for their dynamic, highly skilled style and with a reputation as entrepreneurial professionals, committed to excellence and innovations in property management. We believed there were terrific synergies with the two organizations to both grow and also to better service existing clients. Warrington PCI Management commenced operation in March of 2005 as equal partnership.

Currently the portfolio of Warrington PCI Management and Warrington Residential is approximately 17 million square feet of real estate located throughout British Columbia.